Next Level connects you to a carefully selected network of independently owned brands who stand behind their products. All of the creators have developed their lines to be clean, cruelty free, and non-toxic.

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Amy Sundays

Meet Amy, the founder of Sundays, a wellness nail care brand.   "I founded Sundays on the values of individuality, simplicity, and wellness, which is also what I aspire to practice every day. I believe wellness is a journey, and not a one-size-fits-all  solution, or an achievement to check off your to-do list, but a  long-term goal. Sundays is so much more than nail care products: we’re a community that knows we do not have to sacrifice for beauty because we can create options, because we encourage and support one another through self-care, self-love, and lots of  practice." 

• Vegan
• 10-Free
• Professional-grade quality
• Long lasting, intense pigment 

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Kaz VoCê


Meet Kaz, Founder of VoCê Los Angeles. His philosophy is to help you care for your hair with his vegan-based line of haircare, styling and finishing products made with globally harvested ingredients and contains certified organic extracts.

• Vegan | Cruelty Free | Non-toxic
• Paraben Free 
• Sulfate Free

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Sara Amaterasu


Meet Sara, founder of Amaterasu. Amaterasu Beauty is a cosmetics brand that strongly values creating top quality products with a high ethical standard of integrity. Our products do not contain parabens and can accommodate many individuals with allergies and sensitivities. We always opt for a cleaner alternative wherever possible without compromising on performance.

• Vegan Friendly
• Made for the professional
• Non-toxic | Cruelty Free
• Paraben Free

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Shannon Lifance


Meet Shannon Lifance, founder and chemist of Lifance Skincare. 
"As the founder and chemist, I have the luxury of choosing the ingredients, the concentration levels and writing the formulas. Clean chemistry in complex formulas is the Lifance beauty secret! In the laboratory, we perfected ingredient combinations, respecting the unique properties of each one. Each formula is a delicate composition of skin transforming ingredients."

• Vegan | Cruelty Free | Non-toxic
• Paraben Free 
• Sulfate Free

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